Interconnected difficulties

Someone reading this blog might wonder why I was talking about ethical and sustainable fashion in the blog’s introduction, and then went on to two posts about travel. The answer is simple: because it made sense to me. This trip to Niagara Falls was to celebrate my birthday, and I thought about a lot of things during this trip, and one that came back again and again was that I had to do something, I had to raise my voice. I thought about a blog, and here I am. It was important to me to « open » this blog with the trip that made me start it. 
Now, a more serious post:

Since I became aware of the human impact on the environment I looked for ways to change it, asking myself this simple question: what can I do about it?


Niagara-on-the-lake - Day 2

Once I did all the activities from the adventure pass, I realized I had nothing planned for the next day, and not a lot to do left around the Falls, when I saw the WeGo bus also offered a shuttle bus to Niagara-on-the-lake. No idea what and where it was, a quick google search informed me it was a town north of the Falls with a lovely historic old town. That was the perfect place to go until my return-bus!


Niagara Falls - Day 1


« I want to do something special for my birthday », I thought to myself some days before the « B-day ». A short trip somewhere would be a good idea… So I grabbed the list of places I want to go while I am in the U.S. and picked Niagara Falls. I have never been there, and it seems amazing! I mean Niagara Falls, this is a classic!
I booked two night-buses, one from New York city to Niagara Falls, NY (New York), and one from Niagara Falls, ON (Ontario) to New York city. I also booked a one night stay in a hostel in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, and on the day before my birthday, at around 10pm I left to a new adventure.

Hello it's me

I tried a few times to write a blog. I would start, upload some articles and eventually I would ask myself « what ’s the point? » and stop. I would feel like I had nothing original to offer. So many people, famous or not, were already doing what I was doing : showing outfits, expressing thoughts on a collection, rating some new cosmetics… I had this feeling the blogosphere was already overcrowded and did not need a new blogger similar to the I-don't-know-how-much bloggers already out there. 
But this time, it is different. I feel like I have to write. And I am passionate about what I want to share. Maybe there will be nobody to share it with, I guess I will see. I want to write about a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle. I am just starting in this and obviously, I am far from perfect at it, but I want to comment on my journey here, one (baby)step at a time. I think it will be a motivation (even though when you know what you are doing is to fight for a better world -again, baby steps! I do not pretend I am some kind of superhero or anything- you do not need another motivation), a way for me to check on my progress, and hopefully get to connect with like-minded persons and inspire each other.
I know there is already a lot of bloggers writing about this kind of fashion and lifestyle, so the problem is still the same : what do I have to offer that someone is not already offering? Well, probably nothing. But sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle are too important for voices not to raise. Nothing is too small. I truly believe that the more people expressing themselves on this issue there is the better chance we have to change the world. So here is my voice. 
English is not my mother tongue, so grammar and vocabulary might get messy at some point, but I will try my best and attempt to reach to as many people as I can, in broken English :)